Up to 30% of fruit and vegetable production is lost due to improper collection, delivery and storage. This was announced at a briefing by the head of the information service of the State Plant Quarantine Inspectorate – Durdona Ochilova.

Information on the export-import of fruits and vegetables in the summer:

Since the beginning of this year, more than 842,000 tons of quarantine products have been exported and 57 905 phytosanitary certificates have been issued;

1,800,000 tons of products were imported, of which 59,743 quarantine certificates were issued;

it is expected to obtain permission to export dried peppers and lemons to China and grapes to India;

of the 21 million tons of fruits and vegetables grown annually in the country, only 15% are processed on an industrial scale, of which 7-8% are exported;

up to 30% of the product is lost due to improper collection, delivery and storage of crops;

65% of processed products are accounted for by farms and landowners, but processing enterprises use only 50-60% of their available capacities;

the Central Quarantine Laboratory, the only one in Central Asia, will be launched in Uzbekistan in the coming days;

To speed up laboratory testing of products exported, the regional state plant quarantine inspections will be provided with 10 additional mobile (mobile) laboratories, and another 5 such laboratories will be commissioned.

Source: UzDaily.com

Uzbekistan loses up to 30% of fruits and vegetables a year

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