“Seven Hills Agro Commodities” LLC is a foreign trade company specialized for the export of legumes and fresh, dried, processed fruits and vegetables grown in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Since 2016, our company has been engaged in the procurement of beans, fruit and vegetable products for export, and has been exporting through a state export company. And from 2018, our company began shipping goods to foreign markets directly.

Our main goals are:

promoting domestic beans, fruits, and vegetables to export;

establishing long term business relations with foreign buyers.

The main products we export are legumes such as green mung bean, chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils.

We have our own plant for the processing of legumes.

At the same time our company dealing with export of eco-friendly fresh and dried fruits and vegetables such as strawberry, sweet cherry, golden apricot, grapes, nectarines, pomegranates, melons, and nuts from sunny Central Asia.

“Seven Hills Agro Commodities” LLC exports beans, fruits, vegetables, and nut products to foreign partners based on direct export contracts.

We offer high-quality beans, fruit and vegetable products of our country.

Our team can ship beans, fruits and vegetables according to compliance with all required international standards, as well as at the request of customers.

We cooperate in friendly relations with foreign export-import companies in China, India, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Poland.

We are ready to cooperate with interested companies in importing our products to their countries. And we fully support our business partners in working together.